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My name is Rocio, I am the owner and founder at Mia’s Dream Spa & Party Bus. As a nurse and a mother of a beautiful girl, I have experienced, and I am very positive that Practicing self-care is a great first step in promoting good health and general wellbeing. I believe in teaching our little girls about self-care and confidence traits from a very young age. Little girls always want to be like mommy, and moms who radiates self-love and self-acceptance can vaccinates their daughters against low self-esteem.  

I always wanted a place where I can provide the most relaxing environment to young girls because they are unbelievably precious to us and full of beauty. Our spa bus provides a wonderland for your little princesses to experience the wonders of a magical fairy-tale. Mia’s Dream Spa & Party Bus is the place where you can get your nails, hair, make up, facial and at the same time sing along, dance your favorites songs and get pampered like a royalty. We can help them feel more confident with their beautiful vibrant skins and lead the way.

We shape them to be the queens of tomorrow!

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